Top Dawg • RCA 2022

Top Dawg entertainment hit the mother lode with SOS. With the song ‘Kill Bill’ at number 1 for eight of nine weeks since its debut, there is little reason not to be inquisitive about the remainder of the album. SZA definitely has a Lauryn Hill vibe; stylistically utilizing elements of hip-hop, r&b, and reggae. The authentic production value and in-studio sound reverberation on some of the songs makes for a collectively intimate experience and definitely adds some variance. The album as a whole is alright, but never really seems to shine beyond its hit song. It’s pretty common, as quality writing costs in time and most labels are happy with a single and an album that mediocrally supports a few songs. The first three songs are terrific and, even with the ODB samples closing the album, it still falls short of heightened expectations. However, after seeing the video for ‘Shirt’ and the aesthetically 90’s action portrayal of an archetypical Bonnie and Clyde melee, I’m sold. I’m sold on the intent behind this artist’s creative approach as well as Top Dawg for developing it.


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