Sub Pop • 2021

This album is epic. It’s a slowcore glitch masterpiece. Having been a band that cut their teeth in the Midwest grunge scene in the early 90’s and influencing bands like Pedro The Lion, I was drawn to this band and obviously inclined to hear their later material. Defunct now, they always took pride in their playing and writing with a more contrarian philosophy. Instead of playing faster and louder, they played slower and softer. The band was started in Deluth, Minnesota, 1993 and includes husband and wife, Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker. This was Parker’s final album due to her passing from cancer. It is their only album as a duo, without a third party. This is an intensely heavy album, contextually and in its production scope. With a balance of electronic layering and minimalist instrumentation, it definitely embraces the Frank Lloyd Wright ‘less is more’ ethos. Days Like These is a song everyone should hear. It’s the perfect song for these times. It’s an album I will continue to have on rotation for a long time and this band definitely transcended themselves on HEY WHAT.