Throwback Thursday — Time (The Revelator)

Gillian Welch

Acony 2001

When I first heard Father John Misty cover ‘Everything is Free’, I was stunned. Once I discovered the original track accompanied by its composer I was in awe. Gillian Welch has released nine albums with her musical partner, David Rawlings. Welch and Rawlings have released five albums under her name, three under Rawlings’ name, and one under both of their names. Welch and Rawlings received well deserved recognition when Time was released. In addition to being hailed by critics and listeners alike, Mojo Magazine (UK) rated the album #4 for Albums of The Year and the album was also nominated for Best Contemporary Folk Album at the 2002 Grammy Awards, but lost out to Bob Dylan‘s Love and Theft. Welch and Rawlings release all music independently under Acony Records. The songs have an Appalachian feel to them accompanied by a stripped down production value which really acts as a certification of bona fide quality song writing. While, ‘I Want to Sing That Rock and Roll’ is the only song with a live audience, It almost feels like a live album. The best songs shine regardless of production and this album’s brilliance is blinding. Glad to have discovered this gem.


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