You Reap What You Sew

Azizi Gibson

preHistoric Records 2022

It’s refreshing to hear that good rap still exists. These days rap is oversaturated with no-talent lip service and intelligence has been completely depleted from the art. Not within the confines of Azizi Gibson’s You Reap What You Sew. I’ve known about Gibson since hearing his track ‘Hood Opera’, a collaboration between himself and Hippie Sabotage. You Reap What You Sew features Freddie Gibbs, Issa Gold & More. It’s heavy rap for those who also appreciate lyrical content that requires a modicum of creativity. It’s not necessarily ground breaking, but it’s refreshing without question. Gibson was raised in a military family and was born in Frankfurt, Germany. Not your average rapper’s backstory. He also has no Wikipedia page, which is an impressive feat in this modern age of addictive social voyeurism. Azizi Gibson sounds a bit like Ludacris of Outcast in his cadence and tone with beats and lyrical content similar to Westside Connection. Punchy Roger and Zapp style beats adorned with funky worm leads infuse these songs with a defined rhythm and credibility that is sure to bridge generations. Definitely one of my favorite contemporary rappers.


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