Acryl Madness


This album sounds like if Ministry was fronted by Alice Glass from Crystal Castles. It’s a glitch landscape drenched with frequencies and timbre ranging from new wave to industrial and everything in between. Hellion by Acryl Madness is a heavy electronic album with driving rhythms inside of a pensive and transient atmospheric medium. Lots of repeating, drone motifs and even some intricate elements that remind me of Richard D James’ stuff with Aphex Twin. The cover art looks like 3D printed elements built into a minimalist diorama. Different and placed with forethought. I like the direction of this album. It doesn’t have any cringey moments that devalue its delivery. It stays consistently operable and thought provoking. The end of the second to last song, 神風, meaning “Kamikaze” is insane. I was going to rate the album 8/10, but because of that ending I’m adding a point.