A Place Unknown

Shawn James


Shawn James’ new release is nothing short of an Americana masterpiece. With country music in decline since greats like Waylon Jennings hit the Opry House stage, an album like this is much appreciated. With a southern rock thrust and classic rock hooks that Jimmy Page and Billy Gibbons would easily endorse, the soul is strong on this LP. Pitchfork and Rolling Stones will probably overlook this album because they tend to review albums based on street cred rather than musicianship. There’s a cover of “War” by the Temptations and it’s really well done. Shawn James’ voice is a baritone trebuchet with guitar work rife with southern rock and heavy metal accents. The pop sensibilities are massive here. With guys like Sturgill Simpson and Shawn James representing country music that shoots from the hip, I think Americana music will continue to expand in the future.


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