I Inside the Old Year Dying

PJ Harvey

Partisan • 2023

The album doesn’t come close to Rid of Me or Dry. It’s overtly Bohemian and, while it received decent reviews, the album doesn’t pick up pace until about midway through where it is still somewhat careless and aimless. There are some interesting tracks and, as a PJ Harvey fan, it’s good to see she’s still active. PJ Harvey was probably a first crush to more people than me, but this album seems to lack steam for its entirety. Some of the tracks have an interesting metamodern feel with subtle analog electronic instrumentation. Similar to Björk’s Vespertine, but less precise in its formulation. There are a few songs that stand out, but other than the final song there isn’t a whole lot pulling me back to listen more. I look forward to more material in the future.


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