Live at The Wiltern


Cleopatra Entertainment 2022

I’ll start by saying that I normally don’t like live albums. I noticed this album because of the cover which depicted a radiating woman whose image brought to mind artist Marjory Cameron of Hollywood lore. I also used to live on Manhattan and 5th right down the street from The Wiltern. This album had an appeal on first glance and I haven’t listened to a live album in its entirety since Slayer’s Decade of Aggression when I was 10.

Horrorpops Live At The Wiltern is their 9-year long-awaited return to the stage and is accompanied by a stunning 68-minute concert film, filmed in 4K and containing all of their best-loved tracks including “Walk Like A Zombie”, “Miss Take” and “Psychobitches Outta Hell”. This album is a great listen. Horrorpops, now a trio, consists of Patricia Day, Kim Gaarde, and Henrik Stendahl. As if their pop-infused brand of psychobilly led by a female vocalist on a warpath for glory wasn’t enough, she also plays the double bass while taking the vocal helm. The song content ranges from everything from star-crossed lovers to the walking dead. The style itself isn’t necessarily re-inventing the wheel of American music but the lead female vocals as well as the quality of the song structures musically and lyrically truly make this band shine. In addition to their music owning a substantial marketshare in rock and roll, Mattel tried to siphon some of that revenue by making a doll in the likeness of Patricia Day without authorization in 2010. The doll was a joint venture between Hard Rock Casino and the toy company. The doll has a double bass as an accessory and is reminiscent of the singer in style. Mattel has previously released dolls of Debby Harry, Joan Jett, and Cyndi Lauper. Unfortunately, I don’t know there to have been a settlement. Now Patricia Day, who is married to guitarist Kim “Nekroman”Gaarde, is now battling cancer. Her GoFundMe includes a sentiment of optimism from the Day who calls out an old adage —- “Well, F Murphy and his god damn law and F cancer. I’m planning US shows for late summer & fall and Europe tours for ‘23 & ‘24 … and I can’t wait!!!” This album and film are well produced, aptly packaged, and chock full of tuff music that can be viewed as timeless from multiple points of view. I’m glad I discovered it and, God willing, Day will obtain the support needed for a speedy recovery.


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