House Passes Funding Bill to Take U.S. into The New Year

With the passing of a continuing resolution on Tuesday, it seems that another looming government shutdown has been averted. However, for some more hardline Republicans it seems that this solution is nothing more than a Pyrrhic victory. Mike Johnson’s two-step stopgap measure passed 336-95 with a majority of the votes from the Democratic party.

Now the bill, H.R. 6363, will hit the floor of the Senate for approval and is required to hit President Biden’s desk by Friday to avoid a shutdown. With disgruntled members of the Freedom Caucus, the whole situation harkens back to the recent ousting of Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) from the speaker seat after Rep.

Matt Gaetz (R-FL) introduced a motion to vacate, claiming the California Republican cut a backroom deal with Democrats to pass a continuing resolution in September and went against promises he made to hard-line conservatives about spending. For Mike Johnson (R-LA), failing to win over enough of his more hardline conservative colleagues to pass a rule, and he was forced to move the bill “under suspension,” requiring significant votes from the left. With bi-partisan fatigue and interparty skirmishes running awry across the beltway and the clock ticking, some Republicans showed goodwill and Democrats displayed massive support in order to come to a timely resolution. Hopefully in the future, the Republican Party can look forward to having a solid procedural majority rather than simply a majority of seats.