Official Statements by Fired White Sox Front Office Members

Photo Credit: Jeff Haynes/AP

Coming in at fourth in the AL Central,  the Chicago White Sox officially fired senior members of the front office this week in both Kenny Williams and Rick Hahn.

Both Williams and Hahn have made official statements on their untimely departures.

First, from Williams:

“I thank Jerry Reinsdorf for the opportunity he gave me to head baseball operations and will forever be proud of the World Series Championship we all celebrated together. At my inaugural presser, I spoke of winning multiple championships. That was my goal, our goal, and we failed. I am a bottom line guy, and the bottom line is we didn’t get it done. This is what happens as a result…

“Lastly, Jerry. I lived our World Series victory through his eyes and emotions. We’ve shared many of life’s triumphs and tragedies and as I told him when he gave me the news of his decision, nothing changes with us. I will be there for him as I always have been and respect his decision to look for a new voice to lead the organization. He deserved better. 

And from Hahn:

“Additionally, I cannot thank enough the gifted coaches, scouts, analysts, sports performance professionals, and front office staff for their tireless work and dedication to the Club. Because of them, I firmly believe that many vital ingredients of a championship team are in that clubhouse and within the minor league system.

The White Sox emerged this last weekend with a disappointing 52-79 standing, coming off the heels of two games with the Athletics, one victory included.

They traded away several key veterans at the trade deadline in Lucas Giolito, Reynaldo Lopez, Lance Lynn, Joe Kelly, and Kendall Graveman. They also traded slugger Jake Burger to Miami as they appear set to galvanize a stronger team moving forward.