Ukraine’s Counteroffensive in Peril

Photo Credit: Getty Images

With the Ukrainian counteroffensive grinding through i’s third month, citizens are duty-bound to keep their personal information at draft offices up to date. Ukraine’s defense ministry is urging military-age citizens to ‘overcome fear’ in a recent enlistment campaign.

Ukrainian forces are not expected to reach and retake the Russian-occupied strategic southeastern city of Melitopol during their counteroffensive to win back territory from Moscow’s army. Kyiv’s fight for a stronghold on the crucial land bridge has been an abject war of attrition with countless casualties.

In a candid moment, Norwegian Senior NATO official, Stian Jenssen revealed discussions between allies over possible solutions to the war, even floating a controversial proposal to grant Ukraine NATO membership in exchange for giving up Russian-occupied territory.

“I think a possible solution for Ukraine could be to give up the territory in exchange for NATO membership”, Jenssen stated in a panel debate in Arendal, Norway on Tuesday morning.

On Saturday, Russian forces inflicted artillery and mortar airstrikes on the Ukrainian positions on most fronts. Ukraine lost positions on the Urozhaine and Shakhtarsk fronts. 26 combat clashes were recorded within 24 hours, according to Ukrainska Pravda, an online newspaper in Kyiv.

As of today, an program will be launched by UNESECO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) in an effort to aid in mental health support in the war torn country. This will be financially supported by Japan and carried out in two stages.

Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, has said he is convinced Russia’s invasion will fail, during a visit to Denmark on Monday. His words were simply, “Russia will lose this war.” A claim made with assurances by Denmark and the Netherlands for an upcoming delivery of fourth generation F-16 fighter jets to Kyiv.

US officials have stated that the total number of Ukrainian and Russian troops killed or wounded since the war in Ukraine began 18 months ago is nearing 500,000. All of this in Ukraine’s pursuit to reach the Sea of Azov. A body of water that is of immense strategic importance to Russia as a land route to Crimea as well as a passage for Russian marine traffic.